The Gillette fusion ProGlide Razor and fusion Pure & sensitive HydraGel moved Me To blog

Written by El Hub
Today El Hub (aka the other man in my life) finally breaks his blogging silence with this review of a breakthrough in men’s grooming technology, LOL!

I was about to say that I can’t believe I’m sitting down to review a charm product men’s grooming tool, but I was actually looking forward to this.


When Karen asked me to test some new men’s products a few days ago, the first thing I thought was, “oh, please, no.” I love my girl, but god help me I thought she was going to make me moisturize my cuticles or cut my toenails. and then I saw the package for the Gillette fusion ProGlide POWER Razor ($12.99 with one cartridge; replacement cartridges cost $33.99 for a package of eight).

WOW! Um, Gillette should have gotten help from someone who knows male psychology when they developed this razor because it has shiny chrome parts (ooh…), black plastic ridges (ahh…) and a big power button on the back — all good things! but I’ve tried other fancy razors before (the Gillette Mach 3 concerns mind), and I’ve always stopped using them after a while because I couldn’t justify the cost. That’s the thing with these very disposables with three or four blades (this one has FIVE!). Yes, I think they really do work way better than those cheap yellow or blue razors that come 12 in a bag for $3, but they cost 10 times as much.

That’s what was going through my mind before I gave the ProGlide Power and fusion Pure & sensitive HydraGel shave gel ($4.29 for a 7-oz. can) a try — that and the fact that it has five blades (what’s next? 20 blades?)! I expected it to work well but end up being too expensive to purchase on a regular basis.


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I skipped a day of shaving to give the ProGlide something extra to work with. If I was going to test this thing, I wanted to do it right!

Following my regular routine, I rinsed my face with warm water. I think the warmth softens my skin, maybe opens the pores or something and makes blade shaving a little easier. then I shot a small glob of HydraGel into my palm. Interesting… it’s practically clear and looks a little heavier than many shave gels. Was that a good sign?

As soon as I started to work it into a lather, I caught a whiff of something fantastic and strange — no kidding, but it smells just like lemon meringue pie (which I love!), despite the fact that it claims to be fragrance free. The product lathers up rapidly and gets much foamier than many shave gels.

Then I took the blade, clicked the power button (the whole razor gently vibrates), and started my shave. I could tell it was working well best off the bat. No tugging at my skin at all, extremely close after one pass, and handles the contours of my skin better than any blade I’ve ever used before.

Cheap disposable razors catch on every little mole, pimple or bump if I’m not careful, but the ProGlide didn’t leave a single mark on me. The whole shave, including my neck, took less than half the time it typically takes me to shave!

Beste. Barbere. Av. Min. Liv.


But about the powered part of the razor, I’m not sure it makes any difference at all. I’ve used the razor a few much more times because that first shave and tried it both with/without the power on. I couldn’t tell any difference in the quality of the shave with it off, so that’s something to keep in mind because I think Gillette also sells a less expensive version that isn’t battery powered.

As for the cost, it’s still a big deal with this razor, but this is the first time I’ve ever said, “Who cares?” That’s how good it works, and for what it’s worth, I always keep track of how numerous times I can use a blade razor before it’s too dull. After four shaves so far, the ProGlide still feels brand new! That’s compared to cheap dual-blade BICs that feel duller after the first shave (more nicks and not as close).

I think the Gillette fusion ProGlide/Pure & sensitive HydraGel combination puts every other razor/gel combo I’ve used to shame. It gives a great, fast shave, but it’s not cheap. In this case, though, I think you really get what you pay for. ought to you purchase this for your man? Heck, yeah. A+

Written by El Hub
This post was written by El Hub (with a little help from Tabs). A man of numerous talents, among them physical comedy, cat walking and the ability to cheer me up when I’m down, El Hub enjoys playing iphone games, doing push-ups and reading The Dresden Files.

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