10 things I like about MAC

1. Their traditional neutral brown as well as beige shades

Before the metropolitan Decay naked combination took the makeup world by storm, there were old-school MAC brown as well as beige neutrals like Brule, Mylar, Ricepaper, Shroom, Soba, Samoa Silk, Kid, Bamboo, Omega, Cork, Wedge, Brun, Soft brown as well as Saddle, among other shades. I might compose sonnets as well as dissertations on their incredible sauce.

MAC has a well-deserved rep for crazy vibrant shades as well as brights, however that’s just part of what they do. a few of my buddies who are less enthusiastic about makeup than I am state things like, “They’re the ones that do the crazy bright eco-friendly drag show eyeshadow, right?” as well as I’m like, um…yeah, they do a few of that, however there are likewise so lots of fantastic neutrals in the line.


Some of their long-term collection neutrals are ageless classics that women (and men) of all ages can wear.

Shoot, I hope I’m still rocking Soba when I’m 80. That’s the plan.

Wearing MAC Soft Ochre paint Pot, Mylar Eye Shadow, Cork Eye shadow as well as Brun Eye shadow on my lids
2. The MAC Rick Baker Monsters Bride Palette

I never expected to such as this LE combination as much as I do, however it swiftly ended up being one of my a lot of trusted companions this year. It always opts for me on trips, where it gets a desired area in my daily fundamentals makeup bag.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

There is one eyeshadow in it called Bitter, a crazy green, that I never use, however all of the other shades are ones I utilize as well as love, like Brun, Mylar, Omega, Club as well as Carbon.

My default neutral look with this combination is something soft as well as defined that I do all the time with Mylar around the lid from lash line to brow bone, Omega in the crease, Brun in the outer corner as well as Carbon smudged along my upper lash line…

Then, if I’m feeling sassy, I’ll add Club on my lid on top of Mylar.

MAC The Monsters Bride pro combination X 6
3. Woodwinked Eye Shadow

Woodwinked is one of all-time biggest two-for-one shadows. Pat it on with a flat 239 Eye Shader clean for a warm as well as shimmery golden brown, or buff it out with a 217 for a warm orangey brown with a satin finish. Either way: beautiful!

4. The 217 blending brush

I utilize the 217 every. Enkelt. Dag. It’s not just a clean for me; it’s an investment.

I have several 217s. That’s exactly how severe I am about it, as well as I utilize them for so lots of things, like for applying as well as blending eyeshadow as well as under-eye concealer, applying highlighter as well as area application of deal with powders. Those are just a few of the things I utilize the incredible 217 for.

5. Fix+

Another MAC ride-or-die product I never knowingly leave the home without (I always bring a small bottle with me when I travel). I utilize it for lots of different things, however mainly for blending out full-coverage foundations as well as under-eye concealers to make them look a lot more natural.

6. Their crazy release schedule!

Because they release a new collection every five seconds, I always have something to look ahead to. Plus, all the odd collaborations! (Remember Dame Edna?)

7. magnificent Felines

Cat woman states what, meow? An entire collection dedicated to the fabulousness of kitties? JA!

8. EvRev!

One of the best, not-just MAC experiences of my life, however makeup experiences overall.

Funny story, however yesterday at the mall, as I was getting out of my car, I occurred to glimpse with the window of the vehicle parked next to me, as well as ideal there in the area next to the driver’s seat was a tube of MAC Lipglass that looked precisely like EvRev.

I wished to take a photo with my phone ideal then as well as there…but I didn’t want to look like a creeper taking pics of other people’s cars, LOL!

9. Barbie likes MAC

The extremely very first publish I ever composed on MBB (OMG!), as well as my gateway MAC collection.

10. Soft Ochre paint Pot


This one’s been on my mind once again lately since I just recently re-fell in like with it once again after a short hiatus. Soft Ochre is a gorgeous cream base for neutral shadows, particularly for gals with warmer skin tones.

Your friendly community appeal MAC addict,


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