Will Your Lips Take a radiate to Dior’s Addict extreme Lipsticks?

using Dior Addict extreme in Incognito

Like a quite beach bikini, Dior’s shiny new $30 Addict extreme Lipsticks are saucy as well as bold, however still leave a bit something to the imagination. lightweight as well as glassy, they provide just sufficient pigment as well as protection to stand out without overpowering the sheer blushes as well as eyeshadows we’ve been seeing so much this spring.


Available in 17 moderately moisturizing shades, they’re just the type of lippies I like to wear around this time around every year, when I grow a bit weary of autumn as well as winter’s heavy mattes as well as full-coverage products.

Designed to go the distance with a long-wearing formula, they’re likewise supposed to have a lip-plumping effect, however per usual, my lips must be immune…

From the left: Incognito, lucky as well as Black Tie


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

Swatches from the left: Incognito, lucky as well as Black Tie

One thing I do notice about these is exactly how excellent they feel. I like the texture! They’re so smooth that I almost failed to remember about the $30 price, as well as they’re quite hydrating, too, although I do like to layer a bit lip balm underneath.

If I had to compare them to something, perhaps the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines, except I believe those are a bit more moisturizing.

Svart slips


Dior expenses these as long-wearing, however I dunno about that. I have to reapply after every meal, as well as even when I’m just sitting at my desk watching feline videos as well as sipping tea, I discover myself reaching for a tube every hour or so to touch up.

I’m likewise not enamored with the oval shape of the tip. Not sure precisely why, however it feels a bit uncomfortable to me, particularly when I’m trying to apply at the corners of my mouth.

But those two things aside, I like exactly how this lipstick looks, smells, tastes (a super faint increased scent/flavor) as well as feels. It’s just that for $30, I might go for a bit longer wear. three or four hours sure would be nice.

Pris: $ 30
AVAILABILITY: Coming soon to Dior stores as well as counters, as well as Sephora stores next month; offered now on the internet at sephora.com
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: B

Føler du det? Absolutt!

You understand that Jillian Michaels core workout DVD I mentioned doing yesterday? Well, I believe it’s working, since I’m incredibly sore, as well as I might barely move when I got up this morning. To sit up, I had to utilize momentum to propel myself into a sitting setting as well as do this full-body heavy steam roller move, haha!

Shoot, I can still feel the ache now, as well as I’m just sitting right here in my chair breathing. I assumption this is what I get for neglecting my core for, ya know, ever.

But other than walking around like a bit brown Frankenstein today, things are going well. I hope you had a nice day today.

In other news, I’ve been singing, “I wanna understand what like is… I want you to show me!” all afternoon (got it stuck in my head after watching The Voice last night), as well as I have a tip if you’re in the mood to laugh.


If you have a pet, try serenading him/her keeping that tune tonight. Seriously, if you’re quickly amused like I am, it’s frickin’ hilarious! Oh, the joy…

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