Hello, Pigment! It’s the comprise For ever Acrylip Lip Paints

The comprise For ever Acrylip Lip Paints ($24, offered now)
The comprise For ever Acrylips. Acry-lips. That’s type of a adorable name… It seems like acrylic, doesn’t it? like acrylic paints?

Hopefully you don’t have to be a painter or have painting skills to utilize them because…


Exhibit A:

Jeg gjorde dette…
Clearly, we are not going to be seeing this up for auction at Sotheby’s anytime soon, HAHA!

The Acrylips are brand-spankin’ new liquid lipsticks with a creamy surface as well as a non-sticky, lightweight formula. They’re likewise type of on the down-low ideal now since I believe they’re only offered on the internet at sephora.com as well as makeupforever.com. however they’re pertaining to Sephora stores as well as comprise For ever shops next month.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

There are 10 shades (here are pics of eight of them), $24 each, as well as I’m not totally sure if they’re long-term or restricted edition (according to Sephora, they’re L.E.).

The concept for them is based on those concentrated, intense acrylic paints utilized by ar-teeests.

Yes, I just stated “artists” all fancy-schmancy.

The comprise For ever Acrylip Lip Paints from the left in 200, 202, 301, 400, 500, 501, 401, 600

All I have to state about these is, “Hi, pigment!” Yeah, these don’t mess around, however girl, you understand comprise For Ever. They do insanely pigmented makeup. It isn’t always simple to work with.

Just enjoy out for dinosaur claws! — which is what I phone call being lured to capture the heck out of these small tubes, which are 0.23 ounces each, however that’s not poor since they’re very concentrated. Ya barely requirement any.

According to comprise For Ever, they provide you perfect color thanks to synthetic mica as well as ultra-fine, triple ground pigments. The formula likewise consists of castor seed oil to improve the intensity even a lot more while nourishing lips to keep them comfortable to wear, lightweight mineral clay to keep them from feeling greasy or sticky, as well as silica gel to assists smooth your lips by filling out fine lines.

See the sponge tip?

Just provide ’em a bit squeeze…
When you capture them, a few dots of the product come out of the sponge tip. If you want a truly light application, as well as by “light,” I indicate medium coverage, since they’re extremely concentrated, dab them on your lips as well as scoot them around with the sponge.

You might utilize a separate clean instead, however the flat part of the sponge covers a nice, big area, as well as it’s simple to get into the corners with the slanted tip. It’s really, truly simple to use.

If you want to a lot more protection — opaque protection — do the exact same thing, however do a few a lot more dabs of product.

Oh, as well as when you get these on your lips, they stay creamy. They don’t dry down or set like a matte liquid lipstick.

Make Up For ever Acrylip Lip paint in 200

Make Up For ever Acrylip Lip paint in 202
You have to be verrrrrry cautious with these, though, since it’s simple to cross the point of no return as well as utilize as well much. When it happens, all you end up doing is scooting the product back as well as forth, back as well as forth, as well as it never settles or looks even.

It may take a few tries, however when you get the hang of them, they’re quick as well as simple to utilize since you don’t requirement to utilize them with a lip brush.

Make Up For ever Acrylip Lip paint in 301
Make Up For ever Acrylip Lip paint in 400
I don’t notice a issue with these settling into my vertical lip lines or emphasizing any type of flakes, either. In these lip swatches, my lips are in less-than-ideal shape, I’ll tell you that much (I haven’t been drinking sufficient water), so there’s a bit bit of flaking involved, however it’s barely even obvious at all.

Actually, it’s difficult to discover a totally opaque liquid lipstick that handles flakes this well, which is one more reason why I like these.

Make Up For ever Acrylip Lip paint in 401
Make Up For ever Acrylip Lip paint in 500
Also, the colors on the outside of the tubes are darker as well as not as bright as they look on your lips. Like, with shade 401, I expected a deep, moody, brownish wine, however it appears like a bright garnet on my lips.

These are likewise unflavored as well as unscented, by the way, as well as last about four hours for me.

Make Up For ever Acrylip Lip paint in 501
Make Up For ever Acrylip Lip paint in 600
It’s simple to fail to remember that I’m using these often since of exactly how light they feel. I’ll rub my lips together as well as end up with lipstick smeared above my Cupid’s bow as well as under my lower lips, a la the Joker. Whoops! It’s can be a hot MESS with the darker shades, so don’t rub your lips when you wear these. That’s all I’m saying.

ANNONSEJeg virkelig, virkelig liker disse mye. Hvis du ikke kan stå på å føle noe på leppene dine (og du liker ugjennomsiktige leppfarger), gi dem en fargepleie en av disse dagene. Jeg tror de er absolutt verdt det.

Din vennlige samfunn appellavhengige,


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