I’m adding lush R&B to My list of greatest Hair Hits

lush R&B Revive & balance Hair moisturizer ($18.95) is so damn good that whenever I use it, I burst into song.

Whoever invented lush R&B, homeboy was such a whiz!
Now my waves, soft and shiny, hardly ever frizz.
It hydrates my hair while it soothes my scalp.
(It really has been a great deal of help.)
With a touch of hold, I’m totally sold
On lush R&B!


Okay, so maybe this won’t be my year to win a Grammy, but really, this stuff rocks. I’ve been using it lately to get what I’ve referred to on the blog as “brunch hair” and “vacation hair” — touchable, cooperative hair with a bit of hold and definition.

Lush markets R&B as a hair moisturizer, a kind of rich, hydrating leave-in conditioner designed for dry scalps and hair. It’s a frizz-smoothing, shine-enhancing hair hero recommended for hair types that often benefit from extra hydration, and they mention African American, curly, wavy and generally dry hair.

With organic avocado and extra virgin coconut oil for moisture, soothing oat milk, and jojoba oil for shine, it addresses many of the issues I have with my hair.


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

It also addresses one of the biggest issues Tabs has with many hair products by not containing any animal products at all.

After shampooing, conditioning and towel drying my hair, I take an amount about the size of a penny into my hand. The product’s a thick, rich balm, and I’ve found that a little goes a really long way. rubbing both hands together warms it up, thins it out and seems to make it more pliable and easier to work with.

Working in sections, I coat my hair with it, sliding each section between my palms from root to end. I also gently scrunch the ends to enhance my waves, and let my hair air dry when I’m done.

Once it dries, my hair has a look like my favorite pair of broken-in jeans. It’s shiny, with lightly defined waves that feel soft to the touch. It’s a casual look, unconstructed and completely unfussy. Seriously, if a cute boy (let’s call him El Hub) were to ask me out on a picnic date in the park, this is the hair look I’d want.

But I have come across one potential hair hiccup with R&B. like most lush products, it has a very strong scent that I’m guessing most gals will either love or hate. I haven’t always gotten lucky with lush scents. Some have reminded me of burning incense, tie-dye, hemp jewelry and jam bands (not really my scene), but I really like this particular scent. I detect notes of jasmine and orange blossoms — dainty, feminine and sweet.

I think lush did a fabulous job with R&B, but I’d recommend taking a good, long sniff before you make a commitment. If you like the scent and need serious hydration for your hair, score!

PRICE: $18.95 for a 3.5-oz. krukke
AVAILABILITY: At lush stores and online
MAKEUP and beauty blog RATING: A

You might like lush R&B Revive & balance Hair moisturizer if…

You have dry and/or curly hair that needs extra hydration

You want something to smooth away frizz and add shine

You’re seeking softness more than hair hold

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