Which Do You utilize a lot more frequently — Highlighter or Bronzer?

Highlighter or bronzer, babe?
Ohmigosh! — bronzer, for sure. I feel odd without it.

I like both of them as well as wear one or the other (or both of them at the exact same time) virtually daily, however I absolutely do get hold of bronzer a lot more often, particularly when my foundation is a bit intense.


“I phone call this satisfying of the as well dealt with Cosmetics Bronzers society to order!”
I utilized to not take bronzer extremely seriously since — hello! I’m already quite tan — however then I started utilizing it for extremely soft contouring as well as to somewhat warm my skin tone when I used medium- or full-coverage foundations.

Now I’m hooked!

“Let the record show that I heart Guerlain crazy 68 Terracotta Bronzer.”
Whenever I wear a medium- or full-coverage foundation, I feel like my skin looks type of flat, particularly in pics, however sweeping a bit of bronzer below my cheekbones, around the edge of my forehead, down the sides of my nose as well as underneath my chin puts the lifelike contours back where they belong.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

It’s just kind of reflex now. often I believe I really do it in my sleep, LOL!

Jouer Sunswept Mattifying Bronzer
As for highlighter, I wear it year round, however I wear it a lot more frequently in spring as well as summer. A bit dusted on the tops of my cheekbones after tinted moisturizer, complied with by a light sweep of blush, as well as guurrrrrl…good stuff.

Oh, as well as I keep indicating to mention this: I just just recently re-discovered a couple of highlighter likes in the MAC long-term line — Silver Dusk as well as golden Bronze.

MAC golden Bronze Iridescent Powder/Loose
If you don’t have them already, decrease whatever immediately, as well as get thee to a MAC counter ASAP! You requirement them in your life (well, you don’t requirement them, however I believe they’re great).

Both are extremely fine, loose shimmery powders that make skin glow, as well as a bit goes a long way. I’ve satisfied some MAC artists who utilize both of these frequently on brides.

MAC Silver Dusk Iridescent Powder/Loose
I can’t seem to discover them on the MAC web site ideal now…and that’s freaking me out a bit (I hope they weren’t discontinued!), however if you occur to stumble across a jar in your makeup adventures, get hold of it.

Looks like they are offered now on nordstrom.com, if you’re interested.

Hva med deg? Which one do you utilize a lot more frequently — highlighter or bronzer?

Din vennlige samfunn appellavhengige,



P.S. welcome to the hump!

Have a great one today. I have to go to the dentist on my lunch break, as well as I’m already anxious about it…

Perhaps I must reward myself afterward with makeup.

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