Saturday Surfing, March 14, 2020

When Target predicts your future
Yea! Huzzah! Hurra! We made it to the weekend in what officially may go down as the craziest week ever.

Oh, my goodness, right?


Happy Caturday, my friend. We may be locked indoors. We may be exhausted of hearing terms like “self-quarantine,” “social distancing” as well as “fatality rate.” We may be stockpiling toilet paper, however it sure beats the alternative!

Oh, gosh, I’m anxious. Our bit town in the Bay area is truly starting to shut down now. companies are closing left as well as right, as well as I just got an email from Connor’s institution that they’re shutting down all classes for at least two weeks starting Monday. My hours likewise got cut at the bakery since nobody’s stockpiling cupcakes. huge box stores are swarming with people stockpiling cleaning supplies as well as pasta. (And a few of them are behaving badly. Oh, the stories I’ve heard!)

So, yeah, it appears like I’ll be holed up right here at house with Coywolf, PGR as well as El Hub for at least the next two weeks.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

I believe we might all utilize a bit additional luck these days, so right here we go…

And some weekend reading…

Makeup stores are responding to COVID-19 by cancelling events, suspending charm services as well as wiping down high web traffic areas with Clorox every hour. Sephora is likewise banning in-store testing.

Because you’re washing your hands a lot, here’s a listing of the very best hand creams, according to dermatologists.

If you’re stuck at home, right here are 12 well-known museums that offer online trips from your couch.

Last of the virus-related stories for now (I promise): exactly how coronavirus is impacting the method makeup artists work.

I’m feeling this blue eyeshadow duchess of Sussex (otherwise understood as Meghan Markle). Don’t you like exactly how you can only truly see it when she blinks? It’s subtle yet kinda fancy at the exact same time. Hmm… I believe I just discovered my new makeup aesthetic.

Staying in much more often? (I take it your response to this is “Yes.”) possibly you may want to do an at-home mani with Vogue’s step-by-step guide to the ideal manicure.

Speaking of nail polish, Target is selling Peeps scented paint for your claws.

“For far as well long, women have been required to submit to male work environment norms, particularly those who serve in the armed forces or in legislation enforcement. very first responders as well as transit workers are commonly subject to gown codes that correspond any type of expression of femininity with weakness. Defenders state we requirement uniformity since it’s essential to preserving authority within the ranks as well as with the public. however that uniformity has been developed around a male body… In almost every walk of life, women’s bodies are policed since of the worry of exactly how guy will react to them.” <---- I delighted in this viewpoint piece on Danielle Outlaw, the new Philadelphia authorities Commissioner as well as the very first black lady to lead the 6,500-member department. We’re due right here for some rain this weekend as well as next week, which leads me to the Hairbrella, a $35 hat developed to shield makeup as well as hair in high humidity, drizzle or downpour. Can you discover the feline hiding on this bed? It took me a minute! Could this types of jellyfish be the future of human skin implants? Just what I needed Currently on repeat I have no concept what’s going on here, however I’m into it. PEEP THE KITTEH! (Also, when upon a time, I might play this.) Just in situation you were unaware, there’s an entire rabbit hole of cats on piano videos on YouTube. Fikk meg til å le! You know, I’d be one of those people having a full-on conversation with Dua Lipa, HA HA HA! ANNONSE Hvordan går det med deg? Ditt vennlige samfunn sjarmavhengig, Karen.

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