Paint it Pink, paint it Black: When like leaves You Twisted

The past few paint it Pink, paint it Black articles have either celebrated the happiness or treated the pain of Valentine’s Day, however in life things are seldom that simple. like can be about extremes — hot passion, chilly shoulders, opposites drawing in — however it can likewise be about compromise, sacrifice as well as shades of gray. a number of times in my life I’ve felt a mix of both happiness as well as unhappiness on the huge V. reality be told, often you’re caught in the middle! as well as when you are, you’re painting it pink as well as black.

Case in point: a number of years ago, I wandered into a bookstore a few days before Valentine’s Day to get myself a pen. At the time, I was fresh out of a long, emotionally draining relationship, as well as I was upset as well as very, extremely sad. Wandering with the store, I handled to end up in the Valentine’s Day card aisle. Hello, emotional breakdown!


I stood there, staring at the gorgeous cards with their messages of love, clutching my pen with a death grip. great thing I was alone in the aisle since I may have stabbed some bad unsuspecting loverboy/girl ideal then as well as there. I was just about to begin bawling in the aisle when I identified a card with a photo of a rabbit princess on it (complete with crown as well as sphere space gown) dancing with a frog prince in a happy scene. inside the card was one basic line: “I had to kiss a great deal of frogs before I satisfied my prince.” It was the most best Valentine’s Day card ever, as well as I didn’t have any individual to provide it to.

But I gotten it anyway since at that moment I realized that someday I would discover somebody deserving of getting it. even though my heart was full of sadness, I still felt hope for the future; I was painting it pink as well as black that year, yo.

I waited a long time to provide that card away — 10 years, as a matter of fact. I lastly provided it away last February, the very first Valentine’s Day that El Hub as well as I shared together as guy as well as wife.


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

This paint it Pink, paint it Black publish is for my women who are in the middle this year, painting it both pink as well as black. Hold on to your hope, baby! It does get better.

If you’re feeling both pink as well as black this year, get thee to the Lancome counter as well as treat yourself to a gift that keeps providing method past Valentine’s Day — the color style artist combination in elegant Neutrals.

When I very first opened it, this combination took my breath away. It includes eight gorgeous matte as well as shimmer surface shadows:

light pink shimmer

bubble gum pink matte

mauve shimmer

taupe shimmer

burgundy matte

light stone gray shimmer

white shimmer

black shimmer

It’s the very best shadow set I’ve seen in a while. Lancome as well as MAC shadows have similar structures as well as color payoff, which is most likely why I like ’em so much. all of these colors work with my skin tone, as well as I like that you can integrate them to produce so lots of different looks!

So far I’ve already tried these three…

Easy work eye:
Apply the mauve or taupe shadow onto the lid. Concentrate a lot of of the color there, as well as then slowly fade up into the crease. curl your lashes, as well as add two coats of mascara. You’re great to go!

Easy date night eye:
Cover the lid with the pink shimmer shadow, as well as add meaning to the crease with the taupe. wet a liner clean as well as apply a thin line of the dark burgundy to the upper lash liner. Finally, curl your lashes as well as add mascara.

Easy smokey eye:
Rim the upper as well as lower lashlines with black kohl liner. Then, smudge it with a pencil brush. apply black shadow or burgundy shadow on top of the liner as well as blend. Then, apply mauve or taupe shadow on top of the darker color as well as blend them both together.

The entire combination is $70, which seems costly at very first glance, however it’s truly a quite great deal. Each eyeshadow pan in the combination is about the exact same size as a $14 MAC shadow, so if you bought eight similar MAC shadows, a combination bought that method would expense you $112.


Whatever condition your heart is in this month (broken, mending, completely practical as well as full of like to spare), I’m sure it’ll beat a lil’ brighter when you see this palette.

Din vennlige samfunnsavhengig,


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