MAC next to nothing Collection deal with Colours, pressed Powders and fan Brushes

The new MAC next to nothing Foundations, concerning MAC counters and online April 6
Next to nothing seems like my approach to cat naps.

Hey, man! When I want to take a nap, it’s pants off, window cracked open, and then I peace out! Som, umiddelbart.


Connor Claire does it too. She’ll pull off her pants in her pack ‘n’ play, and bam! — she’s asleep in 5 seconds.

Seriously, try it sometime. De-pants, then nap. It’s totally a thing.

A new sheer foundation from MAC

Next to nothing is also the name of MAC’s new sheer liquid foundation, which really does feel like you’re wearing next to nothing. It’s a barely-there whisper of opalescence in a 1.2-oz. glass bottle with a pump, and it’s $31. nine shades are concerning the permanent line, along with a line of next to nothing pressed Powders and two synthetic fan brushes, starting April 6th.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

From the top: Light and Light Plus
I think of next to nothing as almost like a liquid CC or a BB cream. It blurs my pores and covers juuust enough of my freckles to have a place in my arsenal.

Along the MAC family spectrum of sheer foundations, it sits about halfway between deal with and Body (which is sheerer and doesn’t blur my pores as well) and MAC studio Waterweight (which has fuller coverage and a matte-er (more matte? ) bli ferdig.

If you like deal with and Body but wish it was better at blurring pores, you should totes give next to nothing a try.

Medium, medium Plus, medium Dark and medium Deep

Next to nothing is very much my style. very “less is more,” but still, it’s there when you need a bit help. It doesn’t look obvious, which is my main skin M.O. every second of every day. INGEN SPØK!

I mostly wear medium plus (I’m an NC42), but medium Dark works pretty well for me, too.

It evens everything out but doesn’t create an impenetrable full-coverage mask. I can still see some of the freckles on my upper cheekbones, nose and mouth and ever-so-slight color variation in the red areas on my cheeks.

Because of that, when I’m going to take pics and post them in HD for my cat to scrutinize, I’ll add a layer of concealer (Make Up For ever HD is my fave at the moment), but I won’t go that extra step for regular life.

Great for dry skin

My skin is usually dry on my cheeks, nose, chin, jaw and around the corners of my mouth, but it’s pretty oily on my forehead. next to nothing handles the dry parts like a dream. It doesn’t settle or catch on any flakes, and I think it gets better on the dry areas as the day goes on.

Dark, Dark plus and Dark Deep
My forehead, on the other hand, looks a bit like the La Brea Tar Pits by the end of the day (read: oily), so its ability to manage oil is minimal.

It doesn’t break up or anything, but it definitely doesn’t absorb oil as well as MAC Waterweight or deal with and Body.

I don’t mind when my skin looks a bit dewy at the end of the day, but it could be problematic if you have extremely oily skin.

I hope you like orange…

Because these shades go slightly orange on me.

Not like Oompa-Loompas or anything, but I’m just saying. Thankfully, these are also pretty sheer, so it’s not jarring. Like, there isn’t an orange line of foundation around my deal with where the foundation stops and starts.

When you’re uncomfortably close to someone’s face…
I’m wearing a mix of medium plus and medium Dark
Fine linjer

One last thing to note: I have a bit wrinkle action when I smile, and I discovered late yesterday afternoon that my foundation had settled in those areas, so if you have fine lines, that could be an issue.

What’s the decision on next to nothing Foundation?

I think it’s a lovely sheer foundation for very little coverage. It’s easy to apply with your fingers, but MAC is also releasing a couple of synthetic fan brushes to choose the collection. Either way, you won’t have to do intense blending.

I like it a lot and highly recommend it if you just want to even out your skin tone and slightly blur your pores.

If, however, you want full-on glam and opaque coverage, this won’t do it for you. and it might lean orange and settle into your fine lines, depending upon your skin.

Quick thoughts on the brushes and pressed powders in the collection

There are also two brushes in the collection — the 141 synthetic deal with fan clean (the one with shorter bristles) for $35, and the 140 synthetic full fan clean for $24.

I like the 141 for the foundation and the 140 for the powders, but you can also use your fingers for the foundation and a regular deal with clean for the powders.

That’s the 141 synthetic deal with fan clean at the top and the 140 synthetic full fan at the bottom
The brushes do make it a bit easier to create elegant, natural coverage that looks super blended, but the difference between using them and just using my fingers doesn’t blowmitt sinn. Hvis du knuser hardt på produktene, kan børstene være verdt investeringen.

Fra toppen, pressede pulver i mørk dyp, lys og medium
Samlingen inneholder også en linje med pressede pulver som kalles det ved siden av ingenting presset pulver, tilgjengelig i ni nyanser for $ 27 hver.

Jeg har prøvd dem i medium, som, gitt, er sannsynligvis litt lys for min hudtone, men fra det tror jeg jeg fortsatt kan si at jeg foretrekker Mac mineraliserende skinfinish.

Presset pulver i lys, middels og mørk dyp


Disse har en nesten kremaktig konsistens, som jeg elsker, og de gjør ikke mine tørre områder ser tørrere eller bryter opp som dagen går på, men jeg tror de også ser litt mer åpenbare på huden enn mineraliserende skinker.

Din vennlige nabolag skjønnhetsavhengige,


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