5 things I’ve Been Loving Lately

1. Bold-ish brows

OK, after months of using a chill, very unwinded brow look (and in some cases just skipping brow products entirely!), I’m back in the practice of doing a full brow again, as well as I had one of those “Why did I ever stop doing this?” moments.

When I put a bit effort into my brows — prolonging the tail on my best brow as well as filling out the skinny areas (I’m speaking to you, Raul!) — it’s type of fantastic, as well as I feel like I can get away with less makeup.


Remember when Jeremy Renner stated “Brows, Lashes, lips frame the face”? He truly was the makeup prophet of our times…

By the way, I’ve been into an old-school UD product as of late, their Brow Beater pencil in Neutral Brown.



Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

It’s the one with a twist-up pencil on one side as well as a brow clean on the other. It’s harder than numerous pencils, as well as it stays put (the softer ones seem to vanish faster). It likewise looks natural since it has a ideal balance of pigment.

Good brow day! I’m using metropolitan Decay Brow Beater Pencil in Neutral Brown.
2. chocolate sprinkles on toast

Thank you for educating me about Dutch hagelslag, otherwise understood as “chocolate sprinkles on buttered toast,” otherwise understood as “a delightful breakfast treat!” I purchased a box of chocolate sprinkles at world Market a while back since the photo on the box was just so weird, as well as curiosity got the very best of me.

Thanks to you, I now understand that the trick to making this work is to lightly toast your bread, then butter it (Kerrygold salted butter is THE WAY), as well as then douse that mo-fo with all the chocolate sprinkles as well as then some.

Sounds as well as looks a bit weird, however it’s truly good.

Um…as you can see, somebody couldn’t wait, LOL!
3. name Bubbles

The Coywolf started her last year of in-person preschool last week (we’re a bit nervous, however yeah), as well as every product she brings with her to institution needs a label. I discovered these truly adorable ones from name Bubbles. shipping was fast, as well as the labels don’t come off in the wash.

Coycoy desired whales since she’s been into animals lately…

These are handy!
4. Drooling over autumn doorway decor…

What is it about autumn door decor?! I have no rate of interest in spring or summertime entryways, however autumn as well as winter? I’m like, dang! — put UP ALL THE CRAP.

Snazzy autumn door design by Pottery Barn
5. This Hawaiian-style poultry as well as coconut rice plate

OMG, this dinner. I made this a few weeks ago, as well as the household raved about it, so now it’s in our regular rotation. It’s Hawaiian poultry (made it in my immediate Pot), coconut rice, Hawaiian-style mac salad (I practically composed “MAC salad”) as well as Thai-inspired cucumber carrot salad. It’s got Oriental flavors of pineapple, soy sauce (I utilized gluten-free Tamari since El Hub has Celiac) as well as coconut. excellent blend of wonderful as well as savory.

The new go-to dinner at our house


What have you been loving lately?

Ditt vennlige samfunn sjarmavhengig,


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