Saturday Surfing, January 5th, 2019

great morning as well as meow-za! pleased Caturday to ya. I hope you have toasty toes as well as that somebody is baking you biscuits, be they of the glutinous or the feline variety.

I’m busting out the creams today since January is crazy about Creams month right here on MBB (as in cream makeup products), as well as it occurred to me last night that I have yet to ask you about YOUR preferred cream products. Hva er de? Inquiring minds want to know.


On that note, here’s some light reading for your Saturday Surfing time today…

Yet one more indication that woman Gaga is coming out with a charm line…

Did you understand there’s a wage space between hairstylists as well as makeup artists working in the television as well as film industries? I didn’t. Hollywood stylists are currently combating for pay equity.

Chanel is betting huge that 2019 will be THE YEAR for guy using makeup.

Also, Pharell using eyeliner = type of genius.

I like reading about entrepreneurial women working in the charm biz. Annie Lawless is the creator of a clean makeup line called Lawless. She likewise established Suja Juice as well as offered a minority stake in the business to Coca-Cola for $90 million!!!

Fave checked out of the week: When technicolor film debuted in the 1930s, two charm behemoths, Elizabeth Arden as well as Max Factor, battled for dominance in the film makeup market in “the Hollywood Powder Puff War.”

BREAKING NEWS: Potatoes ? can be glamorous. view this potato (yes, as in the vegetable) get a full glam beat.

Vehicles may someday come equipped with rose-scented steering wheels to assist people prevent accidents.

French fragrances for kids! (Of program I would want the one embellished in feline heads for myself.)

Anyone wanna go to the mall? The bath as well as Body works Semi-Annual Sale is happening now.

If you occur to 1) be in Moscow as well as 2) have a nose for obscure fragrance, the Tretyakov Gallery, house to one of the world’s largest collections of Russian fine art, is currently selling perfumes influenced by the museum’s many well-known malerier.

Michael B. Jordan is the new deal with of Coach, as well as all I have to state is YES, PLEASE.

This retired social worker rescues cats from trees.

—–> This week, California ended up being the very first specify in the nation to bar pet stores from selling dogs, cats as well as rabbits unless they come from animal shelters or rescue groups.

According to this article, the very best skin care technique is being rich.

How do hair roots get their start?

If you have young children or little children, view out for these things.

I’m going with a Taylor phase.

A traditional I always come back to…

This 10-minute warm-up is a great one to do on your breaks if you spend hours working at a desk.

Mother Nature is the BOMB dot COM.


I hope your 2019 got off to a great start. You have a excellent weekend, k?

Ditt vennlige samfunn sjarmavhengig,



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