Bucking holiday Trends, NARS Introduces Nails to Andy: The new NARS Andy Warhol nail polishes Pop On Fingers and Toes

NARS Andy Warhol Pop Collection holiday 2012 nail polishes from the left: 15 Minutes, TV Party, Superstar, new York Dolls and Back Room

When people ask you what you did over the holidays, you say, “I don’t do reindeer sweaters, Santa hats or candy canes.”


And one year, when you won a 10-pound Costco fruitcake at the company Christmas party, instead of having it for dessert, you hurled it through a window (who no one was watching, of course).

If traditional holiday fare doesn’t light your fire, cheer up, my little emo buttercup! NARS may have a cure for your inner grinch.

From the left: Back Room, new York Dolls, Superstar, TV Pary and 15 Minutes


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

The new nail polishes in the NARS Andy Warhol Pop holiday 2012 collection ($18 each) might not restore your faith in Rudolph and Frosty, but they may make you say “hrmpf!” a little less often than you do when you see super traditional holiday nail polishes in shades of red, green, silver and gold.

The five creamy, limited edition shades arrive on Sephora shelves and sephora.com next month, along with the rest of the new 22-piece (!) holiday collection for eyes, cheeks, lips and nails.

Black Back Room, purple new York Dolls, teal Superstar, lemon yellow 15 minutes and vivid orange TV party take a detour from the usual holiday nail polish route and look more like something you might see a cocky rocker chick wearing in a smoke-filled club.

TV Party

15 minutter


New York Dolls (left) and Back room (right)

Makes sense, I guess, seeing as how the collection was inspired by someone famous for breaking with tradition: Andy Warhol.

“For Andy, art could be anything, but whatever he did, he did it as if it were fine art. He made paintings with a photo booth and ‘Screen Tests’ — movies that barely moved. He made an 8-hour movie staring the empire state Building. He changed the way we see the world.”

— From the NARS PR

With the exception of 15 Minutes, I only need one layer of each of these polishes. 15 minutes seems to be the one that likes streaks, and with it I’ve been needing three layers. all of them, however, dry to a gorgeously glossy, high-shine finish.

They feel like textbook NARS polishes — thick yet smooth — and with the firm brush, I find them easy to apply. I can cover an entire nail in just a few strokes.

I haven’t been wearing them long enough to gauge how long they’ll last, but if they’re as durable as the recent NARS Thakoon summer shades, I’ll take that!

Creamy baby blue Kutki was one of my favorite nail colors this summer, and with a base and top coat, it usually made it at least a week without chipping.

PRICE: $18 each
AVAILABILITY: Coming October 1 to Sephora stores and sephora.com
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: a

Din vennlige nabolag skjønnhetsavhengige,


P.S. Lol! I almost just typed, “So how was your Monday?”

Forgot what day it was there…

How about Tuesday? Did you have a good one today?

I was busy most of the afternoon working on that Halloween party for Tabs, but I’m done for the night. I rented The Hunger Games, so I’m gonna watch that again (for the third time!) and scrounge around for something to eat.

Husk dette?

Oh, but I’m torn! Do I watch The Hunger Games, or stay up late reading Outpost??


Decisions, decisions…

If I watch the movie, I can stretch out the book a little longer, haha.

Whatcha doin’ tonight?

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