Easy on the Eyes: A quick Eye makeup look Starring Bronze as well as brown

Oh, did I tell you? Last weekend I did a marathon…text message session about makeup with my good friend Jen.

Jen’s a hectic new mom with a full-time job. She hasn’t been as well adventurous with her makeup for the past few years — mainly just mascara as well as gloss — however she wishes to begin playing a bit more now as well as asked me for some simple eye makeup ideas. nothing fancy, just simple looks she might wear to work or to dinner with her hubby.


When she explained the general look she was going for as, “natural with a kick,” that got me thinking… It may be fun to make a series out of this. just some truly simple eye makeup looks to get you pretty, polished as well as out the door.

If you’re a hectic mom like Jen, a trainee heading back to institution this fall, or anyone looking for a few more quick eye makeup ideas, ideally the short tutorials I’ll be sharing over the next few days can help.

So, what does “natural with a kick” mean? Well, for me it means a look that’s one step above a no-makeup makeup look, like something where you can definitely tell that you’re using makeup, however it doesn’t look anywhere near as done up as a full-blown Kim Kardashian smokey eye.


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The colors I believe of for appears like these are usually soft daytime neutrals, bronzes, browns as well as khakis with matte, sheen as well as shimmer finishes. nothing as well crazy at all. just a simple, quite look with extremely few products as well as a wee bit o’ blending.

Today’s eye look is super easy, too. It’s a soft as well as shimmery eye with bronze as well as brown, as well as it only takes about 10 minutes.

I’m mainly utilizing MAC products here, however if you have any type of similar shades from different brands, feel free to substitute.

From the left: MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush, MAC 266 little Angle Brush, MAC 217 Blending Brush, MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy, MAC Eyeshadow in Concrete as well as MAC paint Pot in Indianwood

First things very first — if your lids are oily, as mine sometimes are — prime them very first with a translucent primer (I like NARS Pro-Prime Smudge proof Eyeshadow Base). The primer provides the other products we’ll be utilizing a much better surface to adhere to.

If your lids are dry, on the other hand, in the rate of interest of saving time, you can most likely avoid this step.

Next, apply MAC paint Pot in Indianwood on your lids with something like the MAC 239 Eye Shader Brush, concentrating most of the color along the lash line.

(No requirement to concern about being as well neat here, since we’ll be blending things out in a minute.)

Then, take the staying product on your brush, as well as run it along your lower lash line.

Grab a MAC 217 Blending clean (or something similar), as well as blend out the edges of the shadow on your lids.

Try to produce a soft gradient/transition where the pigment is at its darkest along your lash lines, fading as it moves up toward your brows.

To further define the shape of your eyes, reach for MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy, as well as line the upper as well as lower lashes (you can likewise be a bit untidy with this step, too), as well as then utilize your MAC 239 to softly blend out the edges.

Bonus: if you have a couple additional minutes to spare, or if you’re feeling adventurous, line the outer third of your upper lash line (the side better to your ear), as well as softly blend the edges to produce a second gradient, as well as to provide even more depth to the look.

(Note: the pigment should appear darker on your outer lash line as well as lighten as you move toward your nose.)

Nesten der!

Finish the look by applying mascara to both your upper as well as lower lash lines (I’m using the new Senna Voluptuous Volumizing Mascara here) as well as filling out your brows with something that matches their color (in my case, I’m utilizing MAC Eyeshadow in Concrete) utilizing a 266 little Angle Brush.

If you feel like turning things up a notch, you might likewise line your water lines with Teddy or your preferred black eyeliner.


I like that I don’t have to muss or fuss with after effects cleanup with this look. I likewise believe it’s excellent for hooded eyes, as it doesn’t phone call for a great deal of crease work, as well as most of the color is concentrated along the lash lines.

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