Ask MBB: fall Lipsticks for Lighter Lovelies

Haaay, gurl! HAAAY!
Hi Karen!

I’m a huge fan of your blog, sooo I hoped you could help me out. I’m a pale gal (NC 15) with dark brown hair, and the lipsticks I own are mostly in variations of pale pink.

But I think these aren’t very appropriate for fall, so I hoped you maybe had some recommendations for me? The only good fall colours I own are MAC Red, Viva Glam V and my newest one, MAC Mineralize rich Lipstick in lush Life, but a girl needs more than three options, right?

Much love from Germany,


P.S. I love your new hairstyle.

Hi Julia,

Much love right back at ya from Novato, California (about 25 miles north of the golden gate Bridge, to be exact).


I’m so thankful you asked this question because I’ve been watching this video by Lorde…

…and I just can’t stop thinking about the dark lip look she’s wearing and how striking and lovely it looks against her pale skin.

MORDER! — and so epic for fall.


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

I’m feelin’ it, but I realize that it might be a little artsy-fartsy for some people…

For something a little more wearable, how about urban Decay revolution Lipstick in Shame? It’s what I’m wearing in that pic at the top.

Smooth with a creamy finish, deep berry shame looks amaze-balls on light skin.

Scratch that — all skin tones, really. I’ve never seen shame look anything other than great, and it’s probably my overall favorite fall berry lipstick right now.

But if shame seems too intense for you, you could opt for a less opaque plum/berry. That way, you still get the same vibe, but in less dramatic fashion.

If that sounds good, MAC released a really beautiful sheer glossy plum lipstick with the Indulge collection called sweet Succulence ($15).

Might be something to consider if you can track it down… It’s limited edition, and it sold out pretty quickly on the U.S. MAC website. I’m not sure if it’s available out there, but I think it’s worth trying to track down. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

MAC sweet Succulence on the left and urban Decay shame on the right

MAC sweet Succulence on my lips

And then there’s Clinique. If you can, look for their almost Lipstick in Black Honey ($15). At a glance, it looks like a deep blackened raisin, but it applies like a soft stain.

My roommate in college, who had lovely light blonde hair and pale skin, introduced me to it. She wore it pretty much every day and always looked phenomenal.

SIDE NOTE: all of these shades should look great with light or dark skin tones.


Good lipstick luck to ya, and let me know how it goes!

Din vennlige nabolag skjønnhetsavhengige,


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