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A couple of weeks back I requested suggestions on which MAC lipstick to trade in for, as well as a number of you chimed in on your recommendations.

Hint: It’s a Cremesheen!
Den store avsløringen!

To refresh, these were the 6 on my desire list:

Based on the comments, the top 3 were: Brave, Plumful as well as celebration Line.

I picked… celebration Line!

It truly took me by surprise, exactly how much I liked this colour on me!  It looks dark in the tube however it registers as a wearable soft reddish berry shade on me. as well as the Cremesheen formula is divine!  Brave was extremely good on as well, however it is such a familiar shade – as well as because I’d just just recently got the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Bitch Perfect, just exactly how numerous MLBB shades do I need?  Plumful was a bit of a let down since it pulled sort of fuchsia on me, as well as with the Lustre formula, I might see it may have a tendency to bleed.  I did likewise truly like See sheer on me – it’s still on my desire list.  I’ll do a evaluation publish with swatches when I get a possibility to wear it.  Thanks once again for all your suggestions!

But of course, I didn’t leave the MAC store with just my “free” lipstick, oh no. I had psychologically prepared myself for if I was truly lured to SHOP when I was in the store, so I composed down some non-makeup products I may want to get while I was there.  And so, I chosen up:

• pro Palettes (eye shadow x2 as well as big single) & insert (man, MAC dropped the costs of these down to $10 as well as $3 each? I understand I paid at least $20 for the empty pan as well as $10 for the insert before! I’m planning on depotting much more of my eye shadows so I need something to home them)

• pro Performance Sponge (I’ve been testing a whole lot of charm Blender type of makeup sponges so I wished to include MAC’s in the mix)

I likewise requested 3 foundation samples to test out – I’ve not had fantastic success with MAC foundations in the past (the only MAC foundation I own is Face & Body) and these are all new to me:
• BB cream in medium (I hope this doesn’t break me out like the compact did!)
• Matchmaster in 1.5
• Mineral wetness in NC20
(see what I imply about MAC colour numbering being around the place?)

While the SA was prepping my foundation samples, I milled around the Pro Longwear eye shadow display. The SA discussed to me that the pro Longwear variety is being discontinued. state WHAT? Then, she stated that they’re likewise discontinuing some blushes too. Hva igjen?

So to explain: pro Longwear eye shadows were at first introduced in 2011 with the Styledriven collection, as well as then new colours added in 2012 with office hours collection. The formula is hit as well as miss (some lacked pigmentation) – however I did discover them to be extremely long using (check out the wear test Temptalia did). The other fantastic thing about these eye shadows is exactly how much product you get – for a few dollars more ($17 vs $12), the pan is much more than double the size of a routine pan (3.4g for pro Longwear vs 1.5g for regelmessig). I of course, had already owned the neutral shades so I was set – however exactly how unfortunate this formula is being discontinued. The pro Longwear likewise brought about one of the many spectacular eye shadow shades MAC ever released, the infamous “Uninterrupted” – a shade frequently referred to as infant diarrhea:

From my stash
MAC’s official colour description is “dark camel”.  This shade stimulated so  numerous tutorials a few years back – inspect out this gorgeous look that Sam of Pixiwoo produced featuring this eye shadow – I’ve tried a toned down version of this look before as well as it’s gorgeous!

Source: YouTube
The shade is distinct as well as widely lovely – people even utilize it to contour their cheeks. I’ve seen this eye shadow being offered on eBay for $50 (“HTH! rare!!!”) as well as I bet now that it’s being discontinued, it’s going to be even much more sought after.

AND, to add much more madness to what the SA was stating to me, she informs me that Cubic, Buff as well as Tenderling blushes were being discontinued as well!  Um, Cubic was my 2nd ever MAC blush, that is NUTS!  All of these colours are truly prominent – I understand great deals of fair-skinned women will be bummed that Tenderling is going.  I do own all 3 of those shades – I truly like them all with Buff being my favourite.  But why I’m telling you all this is because I did get a few of the products being discontinued, not for ME, however for a future GIVEAWAY! Don’t get as well thrilled yet. I won’t be doing the giveaway up until I’m done my No-Buy – hey, if I can wait, you can wait too.  (Of program you have to be complying with me to discover out when the giveaway will be!)

(I’m not revealing what I got for the giveaway yet!)
So $100+ later… I got my “free” Back to MAC lipstick!

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