5 things I’ve Been Loving Lately

The Aldo Stessy K shoe ($80)
1. Lip print errrthang

It started with a sweatshirt I got ages back at Nordstrom by a brand called Halogen that I, um…haven’t used considering that I got expecting with Connor last year.

Essentially, the sweatshirt appears like a pair of bedazzled lips on my boobs, LOL!


I believe it’s incredibly cool.

I likewise like this pair of Aldo Stessy K heels.

The soles!
Aren’t they incredible!? They’re just so… They have… There are lips around THEM (even on the soles as well as inside the shoes!)


Katter og sminke Sweatshirt ??

$ 42.

Handle nå

And they’re high, too! I’m guessing the heels are 4-5 inches, as well as I’m so out of method when it pertains to walking in heels… It’s a skill, right? If you don’t utilize it, you lose it.

I got these as a gift. I likewise looked for the exact same shoe in a flat, however I couldn’t discover one… There is this truly adorable purse, though!

2. This $5 feline headband by Etude House

I’ve likewise been loving this headband by Etude home since — you guys, if you’re a feline lady, why hide it? There’s no pity in that game. I mean, if you’re going to be a CCL, then accent like a CCL. Gå hele veien!

All about that CCL life…
It’s bomb-@ss as well as only $5.20! It likewise stays put on my head. It never slips off, unlike those headbands that are a bit as well little or as well snug as well as begin to slip off as the day goes on…because why wouldn’t you wear a feline ears headband all the time long?

I’ve really used it to bed, as well as it stayed put overnight.

Oh, as well as it’s really, really, truly soft. I desire they likewise make a black feline version.

3. Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

As I was digging with my wardrobe this morning, I rediscovered a couple of pairs of Old Navy Rockstar denim that I kindasorta misplaced for a while.

They normally choose between $30-35 a pair as well as are available in a lot of different rinses as well as regular, tall as well as small lengths. The mid-rise ones I have likewise tuck in the gut quite well.

I just saw that they likewise have high-rise Rockstars, too. I’m gonna go tonight, as well as try them on.

Mind blown! The Old Navy high-rise Rockstar Jean!

4. Laotian food

Fy søren! have you had Laotian food?? since it’s life changing.

My very first time eating Laotian food
I had some last weekend while checking out my in-laws in Redding (yes, they have a location that offers Laotian food). It’s a Laotian/Thai/Vietnamese location called Champa Garden, as well as I’d never had Laotian food before, so I wished to try it.

I got the Champa Sampler, which had a whole lot of Laotian appetizers, such as this meaty side meal called larb.

Champa Sampler with Lao sausages, fried rice sphere salad as well as fried spring rolls, served with lettuce wraps, mint as well as cilantro
SO hungry ideal MEOW!
Laos style Larp: minced poultry prepared with mint, onion, cilantro as well as lime juice
Get in mah belly!
It was all SO GOOD. Kinda like a hybrid between Thai Food as well as Filipino food. I can’t wait to have it again.

Apparently, there are likewise Champa gardens in San Francisco as well as Oakland right here in the Bay Area, so I’m gonna go extremely soon.

They likewise had an fascinating eco-friendly soda called eco-friendly Honey Bee Nam See cream Soda…

Green Honey Bee Nam See cream Soda
I can’t describe what it tastes like… perhaps like lawn jelly? It reminded me of things I had when I was a kid. extremely delicious.

5. MAC pro Longwear water resistant Colour Stick in Tea Leaves

In other news…you understand I like the pro Longwear Water proof Colour Sticks, right? Well, Tea leaves ($22) is a gorgeous neutral golden brown with some shimmer to it.

MAC pro Longwear water resistant Colour Stick in Tea leaves ($22)
I like to pop it on my lids, blend out the edge, then sweep MAC Soba Eye shadow in my crease for a incredibly easy, sophisticated neutral brown eye.

It’s been one of my preferred things these days.


That’s it for me! exactly how about you? What have you been loving lately? (It doesn’t have to be five things. One thing is absolutely fine too.) speak to you soon!

Din vennlige samfunn appellavhengige,


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