Can Physicians formula really Make You #InstaReady?

When I first saw Physicians Formula’s new line, #InstaReady, I thought, “Genius marketing! but there’s no way makeup can really make you much more Instagram ready.” After I tried the products, I realized that InstaReady doesn’t really imply anything, aside from having a really good makeup day, and that’s exactly what happened when I tried it.

There’s plenty behind these products that I think deserves mentioning, like how practically all of them include SPF 30. They also have InstaFilter Technology, which is essentially a smart way of saying that they’ll mattify your skin while leaving behind lots of important moisture. The InstaFilter technology also uses high-tech, light-reflecting polymers to blur imperfections and re-texturize the skin.


Now, these are substantial claims for a product to make, and while I did have a terrific skin day while using #InstaReady, I didn’t look like I had an Instagram filter over my face… Obviously. but let’s talk a little much more about a few of my favorite products from the line, shall we?

To start, I applied the very BB #InstaReady charm Balm BB Cream. many of the BB creams I’ve used have been light to medium coverage and applied practically like tinted moisturizers, but not this one. This bad young boy is full coverage.

In the pro column, and this one’s big, I didn’t need to use any concealer on my blemishes, because they were already covered so well! This has a stunning semi-matte finish and lasts throughout the day; however, it’s not without a few cons. Like, it’s incredibly thick and feels unpleasant on my skin. You can certainly feel that it’s there, and while the uncomfortable, constricted feeling fades the longer I wear it, I wouldn’t wear this again unless I were wearing full-on makeup that day. It can also look a little cakey, so this isn’t something I’d want to wear if I were going for a no-makeup makeup look.


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Overall, though, I really like it, and I’ll wear it the next time I want a flawless complexion! You can see the coverage is bomb here in these before and after pics…

The next stand-out InstaReady product for me is the very BB #InstaReady Contour Trio BB Stick in Bronze Trio. This little deodorant stick o’ bronzer is really a dream. Literally, I’ve dreamed of a product that could make contouring a breeze, and here it is in my hot little hand! This man is certainly going in my everyday makeup drawer and will live there until I die.

It includes the same InstaFilter technology as the BB cream, so again it’s going to help blur and ideal the skin. It’s also made to be very blendable, which I can attest to. It has a deep contouring shade on the far end, a slightly shimmery bronzing shade in the middle, and a good highlight on top. All you need to do is paint a cute tiger stripe on each cheek with the deepest shade in the hollow of your cheek, then tap away with your fingers or charm Blender. My contour was blended and looking fly in 0.73 seconds.

I recommend it for anybody who loves a good contour, and it would also be stellar for anybody just starting out in the world of faking ideal bone structure, because it’s so fast and easy to use.

Lastly, the magical contouring stick’s sister product, the magical blush stick, also known as the very BB InstaReady Contour Trio BB Stick in blush Trio. It’s the exact same product as the contouring stick, just in blush form.

I’m in love with this peachy coral shade, and it ought to look outstanding on any skin tone. I didn’t go to town and draw a substantial stripe with this one because of how pigmented it is, but I tapped it on the apples of my cheeks and pulled it back toward my hair line before blending it in with a charm Blender. Again, it gave me the most stunning flush in no time at all!


While I do really like the blush, too, I’m not sure I’d splash out the $12.95 for it, just because it doesn’t seem all that much more exciting than any other blush I own.

Overall, well done, Physicians Formula! You’ve turned an #InstaReady skeptic into a true believer. 

What do you think about the Physicians formula very BB #InstaReady line? have you tried it yet, or do you think you will?

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