Butter London nail Polishes: dynamic but fleeting

because I love the company’s name, I buttered myself up to like Butter London nail polishes. I’d never tried the brand before, but at $12 each I expected a lot.

They’re classified “3 Free,” implying they don’t include formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP (phthalate). My only other experience with a “3 Free” polish is Lippmann ($15 each), and I hella love those, so you can see why I was expecting a lot from Butter London.


Last week I evaluated the two colors they released for fall/winter, Branwen’s Feather and Saucy Jack.

Too numerous coats

One coat of Butter London polish doesn’t do much, applying practically transparently. It took me four coats to get a rich, solid shade with Branwen’s Feather (a glittery dark purple) and three coats with Saucy Jack (a creamy red).

Pretty colors

I like both of these shades, particularly Saucy Jack, which I like a little much more than Branwen’s Feather. once dry they’re both vibrant, eye-catching and shiny.


Katter og sminke -sweatshirt ??

42 dollar

Handle nå

Hello, Mr. Chips

But after one day of wear, half of the nails I’d painted were already chipping. My nails take a lot of abuse, so any nail polish I’m going to wear on a regular basis has to be tough. Lippmann polishes are. They’re difficult as nails (hehe!), but Butter London — not so much.

If you really like the colors, don’t mind applying multiple coats, and you rarely have problems with chipped nails, then Butter London might be worth a try.

To cap it off…

I love the bottle. It’s unique, but the rectangular cap makes the brush feel awkward, big and clumsy. many nail polish caps like those on Sally Hansen and Essie bottles are simpler to hold, and I have an simpler time painting with their brushes than I finish with these.

Butter London nail Polish

Price: $12 for a 0.3-fl oz. flaske
Use: pretty fall/winter nail colors, but they’re not the most resilient polishes around
Makeup and charm blog Rating: C

Oh, ya gotta love mother Nature. After waiting 12 hours to board a flight that was expected to leave Oahu at 10:30PM Friday night (thanks to a scary electrical storm that took out power to 900,000 people), I finally made it home late yesterday, none the worse for wear, I might add.

How’s your weekend coming along? Tabs says hi. He’s back from his long stay at hotel Cattyfornia (such a beautiful place), reacquainting himself with his litter box and my writing chair at home.


I’m really thrilled about a bunch of spring Chanel products I’m testing best now. I just applied Wild rose Glossimer (a shimmery dusty rose). I’m major — this stuff IS HOT! I’ll be doing reviews and faces of the day soon… but I’ll say it best now: the spring collection’s lookin’ pretty darn fantastic, ladies.

Din vennlige nabolags sjarmavhengig,


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